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R80.20.25 Release

We are happy to announce the release of R80.20.25 for SMB 1500/1600/1800 Appliances
This release includes many new and important features

The release includes the following: 

  • New Quantum Spark branding
  • WiFi – enable /disable the WiFi in specific time/day
  • Enforce API/URL policy for VPN Remote Access and S2S traffic
  • VLAN configuration on Switch
  • Bond configuration on LAN1
  • Cluster configuration with Bond
  • Configuration of Bond without an IP address
  • Configuration of a WAN interface as a LAN interface (Reverse Flexi-port)
  • SMP access policy for 1500/1600/1800 appliances (legacy support)
  • Restore “This gateway” object for access policy
  • Support for SFP type of 100Mbs
  • Support for SFP DSL in 1570/1590 models
  • Configuration of a Custom Administrator Profile
  • clish commands for SSL trusted CA certificate
  • Gateway REST API for running a single Clish command
  • SSL inspection enhancements
    • Improved SSL inspection performance under load
    • New SNX client
    • SSL exception – using many exception rules might cause SSL instability
    • Light SSL enhancements

The following features are at EA level:

  • Setting MTU per interface, and per VLAN (EA)
  • Secure FTP - Backup settings over secure transfer protocol (EA)
  • MAC filtering support on switch for 1500 series (EA)
  • LTE enhancements (EA)
    • Force cellular on 4G network only
    • Auto carrier package selection based on SIM ID (Auto PRI)
    • Path MTU Discovery

For additional info and download links, please visit sk171824

4 Replies

Any plans to support Dynamic Objects, HTTP2 and TLS1.3 ?

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This will probably happen with R81 version for SMBs. 

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When will we see R81 for SMB?

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Probably Q3/Q4. We all wait for it 🙂

R81 on big boxes receives more and more positive evaluations 🙂 

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