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Loosing network connectivity after adding VLAN1 to the LAN port



This is regarding vlan configuration in checkpoint appliance 1470 version R77.20.81(990172541).

In the existing setup there is a Lan switch configured in the appliance and all lan cisco network switches are connected to the Lan switch port on the checkpoint appliance and its a working configuration.

We have configured vlan's on a vacant Lan port on the checkpoint appliance and those are working as expected.

When we remove the vlan1 ip from the lan switch on the appliance and configure it on the vlan Port, the traffic doesn't reach it from other vlan's or computers in the vlan1 are unable to connect to the internet.

We couldn't determine the cause of this issue, Please let us know If there are any specific steps to configure vlan1 in the vlan port.




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VLAN tagged 1 is considered a native VLAN. I think this is the cause in your case

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The switch on a 1400 is limited to any Vlan BUT Vlan1 once you set the interface to trunk mode.
For the Vlan1 it is needed to keep a separate port connected to a port on the switch which is set to mode access.
This is best practice, normally you don't use the native Vlan for handling user traffic. Even on normal GAIA it works but it is not recommended to be used and I don't even know if it is supported.
Regards, Maarten