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Report Settings - Max period

May anyone please provide an explanation on what "Report Settings - Max period" advanced setting is doing?

Description says:


Maximum period to collect and monitor data in central management. You must reboot your appliance to apply changes.


What data is collected and monitored exactly when centrally managed ?

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We have the same settings in locally managed mode, and I believe its how long the device keeps traffic/security event counters locally for monitoring and generating security reports on the device.

It looks like for central management, the default settings are set to [Weekly], so if we try to generate [Monthly] reports from the report page no data is seen, unless we toggle the advanced settings to Monthly.

Regarding Locally managed, when the parameter was first introduced somewhere around R77.20.40, I remember the default value was also set to [Weekly] in EA firmware, so I sent a feedback request to define the default value to [Monthly] as the general behavior was in legacy versions), but missed to check the value in central management I guess... 😛

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All right, thanx for the kind explanation. I will set it to Monthly then.

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