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Do SMB appliances support TLS1.2 on server side?

Hello CP community.


I've a SMB 1490 locally management with  R77_20_87 Build 990173004. HTTPS Inspection enabled.

Yesterday a user reported troubble to access website, browser showed CONNECTION_CLOSED. 

Security logs reported nothing about this. 

By means a https bypass to ip destination the issue disappeard, website load well in browser, so I did follow SK105559 steps.

I can see in output logs from tcpdump and  fwmonitor a  HANDSHAKE FAILURE, but I  don't find what cause such error.

Besides, SK105559 state that I must collect wstsld.elg but such file is not located in my FW. Furthermore, I don't uderstand why logs from tcpdump and fwmonitor only register TLS reply from, but not TLS requet from my FW (client_hello).


Do you can help me to understand and resolve this issue?






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I suggest to open a service request with Check Point Support.

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