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G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP 4 hours ago
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SMB appliances regular updates and policy pulls

The big difference when comparing centrally managed SMB to a standard CP Gateway is that we have no policy install, but rather a policy pull from the device - very appropriate for DAIP configurations ! The SMB GW asks the Management every 5 minute...
dwinurm inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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Chekcpoint appliance 1490 VPN site to site Problem

Hi all, anyone can help me, i create tunnel site to site between checkpoint and fortigatethe tunnel is up, but i can't ping from local address to remote addressfrom remote address to local address can pingi'm already configure the policy rule...
Nikos_Giannikap inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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Default VPN Certificate Expired

Good evening to all.I have an 1100 appliance in use for internet connectivity.A few days back my VPN built in certificate expired not allowing me to have any remote access to my network.I have tried to reinitialize the VPN certificate with no suce...
KandarpDesai inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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Question on ClusterXL

Hi,When configuring ClusterXL, do I need to have an IP pool of 3 IPs from the ISP for the external port configuration? 1 for WAn of gateway 1 1 for WAn of gateway 21 for VIP.If my ISP has only given me one IPthen how will I configure IP ...
inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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SMB Mobile Application

Hi All,By the end of this week, we are planning to start an EA program of our new SMB Mobile Application (WatchTower)Main features:Push notifications for immediate reaction on security and network eventsEasily Manage and switch between multip...
Mark_Mitchell inside SMB Appliances and SMP Sunday
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R80.x for SMB Appliances

Hi CheckMates,Does anyone at Check Point or close to Check Point know if/when R80.x will be available for SMB appliances and also if it will support inline layers?CheersMark
D_W inside SMB Appliances and SMP Saturday
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OSPF on SMB 1490 Cluster

Hi all,we have a SMB 1490 centrally managed cluster and try to activate OSPF.One one member it was successfully. As router-id we use the Clustered Address ( on both members.The second member with the same configuration doesn't want en...
FXB inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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VPN Routing on SMB Appliance with domain-based VPN

Hi folks,we are trying to set up a VPN connection to a service provider of our company currently. Since that company is not able/does not want to define VTIs on their Sophos XG, we need to set up a "classic" VPN Tunnel via Domain-based routin...
Alexey_Bilay inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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Change password

How to change password from CLI on 1100 appliance without interactive input? For exmaple, like `set user admin password-hash 1324234e` on more powerful models?
G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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SMB devices SK´s

It is very hard to keep up with documentation and SKs while all is constantly changing. I am collecting material and will present it here completely. Please be aware that Check Point may remove, change or replace SKs at any time, so it c...
Juan_Lobera inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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APPC and URLF on SMB appliances

Hi guys!I'm having a hard time configuring a navigation policy on a SMB appliance. It's really not working as intended as far as i'm concerned.I was wandering if a good practice would be to allow "network protocols" category as it contains OCSP, N...
790e4741-a1fe-4 inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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Checkpoint SG-1490

Have SG-1490 Appliance, locally managed. Have client PCs which go through the SG-1490 to internet.I have SSL Inspection on and certificates installed on Clients. The Firewall is performing well, but there is an issue.Normally if I go regular sites...
HristoGrigorov inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
views 282 23 2

CoreXL on SMB

This is likely a question for Timothy Hall‌ but if anyone else can elaborate on this please do so.As you know on Gaia Embedded you may assign only fw instances to different cores. When I check connections distribution Instance 0 will always be get...
Juan_Concepcion inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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How to properly add to domains to 910??

A 910 appliance provides you the ability with putting in multiple domains for the sake of Identity Awareness.  Issue I am having is that when I add in the second domain the first domain fails to authenticate any users, I remove the second dom...
Severin_Dellspe inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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List with all Applications inclusive Application ID.G.W. Albrecht‌ published an update, which also includes the IPS groups.(see TP.xlxs)