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Quantum Spark FAQ April 2023

This FAQ was assembled from the SMB Masters sessions we've done previously.

Table of Contents


Can I find SmartAccel on the latest version of firmware?

Yes, SmartAccel is available starting with R81.10.05 firmware, which you can download from sk179797.

Any plans to make HTTPS Inspection and SmartAccel work together?

Yes, we are exploring this.

Can we add custom services under SmartAccel?

Custom services are currently not supported. We are exploring this for the future.

Are SmartAccel, the HTTPS Inspection enhancements, and Google Authenticator supported in Centrally Managed mode?

These features are supported in QUANTUM SPARK Local Management only

SmartAccel gives you better performance. What’s the downside?

SmartAccel is applied on commonly used trusted domains with high bandwidth and enabled by default on Locally Managed gateways. There is no expected d

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