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why does MABDA still require Java? SNX replacement

Hello -- I was under impression that R&D actively working on replacement of the legacy JAVA-based SNX.

The expectation was was new HTML5-based architecture with JAVA not part of equation.     Example:   customer who would like to completely remove JAVA from any endpoint device. 

The following SK has been referenced multiple times on checkmates.    Why is JAVA still an installation requirement on Windows (example:  it's needed for endpoint compliance check)?

apologies for the potentially dense question.   thx 

sk113410 - Mobile Access Portal and Java Compatibility - New Mobile Access Portal Agent technology


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Historically, at least, the two main features that use Java: SNX and Endpoint Compliance Check.
Not sure exactly when it's planned to remove the requirement for Java entirely.

thanks @PhoneBoy 
I suspect the issue with "replacing JAVA" is likely a miscommunication of what R&D doing.    Is it correct the the previous SNX  (SSL network extender) was leveraging the legacy NPAPI browser extensions that have been deprecated by most modern browsers?
So Check Point had to provide a near-term solution that would support Firefox and Chrome across as many platforms as possible.    
Is removing JAVA installation requirement something on road-map for SNX?

I was incorrect about our usage of Java.
It's actually required for MABDA, the Mobile Access Blade Deployment Agent.
It's a cross-platform way to deploy the SNX and Compliance Check components, neither of which use Java.
Previously, yes, NPAPI was part of the equation as MABDA was deployed as a Java-based plugin previously.
Now it is implemented as a Java application, thus why we still need the JDK to be installed.

We are looking at removing the requirement for Java, but don't have a specific timeframe for doing so.
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