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Peak concurrent Remote Access VPN users per day

Hi all,


Our customer would like to know what the peak is of concurrent VPN users per day. I know the command "fw tab -t userc_users -s" to see how many users are currently connected and what the peak is, but this peak is now the same for 3 days. Will this counter be reset after some time, or can I do this manually? Is there another way to see the peak concurrent users / day?


Thank you in advance.




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Hi, this is in fact a global peak and not a peak per day. To get the daily peak number of RAS-VPN users just use SmartView Monitor.


Alternatively you can create a cronjob that runs my One-liner for Remote Access VPN statistics every 5 mins and creates a daily Peak info from it and sends it to you per E-Mail.

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@Danny, That will most probably only give you the correct information when your gateway is still on R77.30 right? As we are all seeing a lot of different numbers in the Smartview Monitor 'real time' information.
Regards, Maarten
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The peak users showed by fw tab -t userc_users -s is since last reboot/cprestart.
One of those two activities is the only way to reset that, I believe.
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In the past days I have been working on a CLI script that can display all Secure Client license information centrally. This script creates a new command on the management server to read the Secure Client licenses. It displays all Secure Client licenses in total (sum). Furthermore, it can read out the currently used licenses on the gateway. If a connection to the gateway can be established, the following values are read out: Currently used Secure Client licenses and the maximum used Secure Client licenses.

If you execute the script via "copy and past" on the management server, a new CLI command "sclic" is created. Afterwards you can use this command to display all licenses in an overview. Please note that the execution of the new command may take a few seconds. This is a normal behaviour.

More read here: R80.x - Secure Client License Counter Overview - replaces "dtps lic" 

Here an example:
# sclic

Now all license parameters for Secure Client are displayed:


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@HeikoAnkenbrandThank you so much for this!!!  Why CP don't make it easier to display this information is beyond me, but this gave me exactly what I needed to know.  The scenario for me/my customer, is they've been using eval licenses to allow more users to use SNX while working from home during Covid.  They need to buy a license, but we had no idea which license they needed.  Your utility shows a peak SNX count of 60, so now I know I need to quote them for CPSB-MOB-200 😀


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