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dynamic id - twilio provider

Hello everyone.

Has anyone gotten Twilio to work as an SMS provider for Dynamic ID?

The documentation is a bit sparse when it comes to any specific provider configurations for Dynamic ID.

The symptom is that after successfully entering my username and password the Mobile Access page displays "Dynamic Id authentication failed" and the SMS code is never sent.

I can get other providers working but not Twilio for some reason.

According to the API guide for Twilio the SMS provider and email settings for dynamic ID should be like this. --data-urlencode 'Body=$RAWMESSAGE' --data-urlencode 'From=+19532532673' --data-urlencode 'To=$PHONE' -u '$USERNAME:$PASSWORD'

where $RAWMESSAGE, $PHONE, $USERNAME and $PASSWORD are pasted to the URL for the MAB.



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Hi Ave,

I believe in your Message Provider "Twilio"- their own App generates the OTP and this will not be recognized by CheckPoint.

Make sure your Messaging Provider can only forward the OTP which was generated by CheckPoint.


If you would like to see the actual OTP generated by CheckPoint GW and compare the OTP given by Message Provider - Take a cvpnd debug on Gateway  - it is fascinating to see many MFA details in the debugs..


Regards, Prabu

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I am looking for the SMS provider for DynamicID.  Can you refer me the other SMS providers which is working successfully in DynamicID? I can't make Twilio working. So I give up and try to find another. 


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We can't get Twilio working either. Who are the other SMS providers you have used?

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