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What do i need for Remote Access VPN?

Hi guys,

i have some question aboute Remote Access VPN on Gaia R77.30.

I want to install an Remote Access VPN with security verification on the client.

I have found a lot of information but i am not sure which is the one i really need.

Which client do i need for the Laptops?

- Is the E80.70_CheckPointVPN.msi with the Check Point Mobile installation correct?

Which software blades do i need?

- Is the IPSec VPN Blade incl Policy Server enough or do i need the Mobile Access Blade as well?

- I have under 50 Windows clients which want to connect via VPN.

Is there an How-To with the needed steps to install the Remote VPN with security verification?

Thanks for your help.



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Generally, if you want to only allow clients to connect that meet certain criteria (e.g. they have AV installed), you will need one of:

  • Mobile Access Blade (which means you'll configure Endpoint Security on Demand and use the SNX client). This is licensed based on number of concurrent users connected.
  • Endpoint Access Control for each client that wishes to connect. This is licensed per-device and can either be configured with SNX or the full Endpoint client. 

Otherwise, you can use SecuRemote at no cost, but you do not get any compliance verification or Office Mode (which is required for some applications to work). 

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