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VPN RA with two Office Mode pools

I would ask you how to resolve the below problem.


At the moment we use 6 Check Point gateways for our VPN Remote Access system.

Each gateway has dedicated Office Mode pool:


gw05                     Office Mode Pool    

gw01                     Office Mode Pool    

gw03                     Office Mode Pool    

gw06                     Office Mode Pool    

gw02                     Office Mode Pool    

gw04                     Office Mode Pool    


Despite that each pool has 8190 IP addresses it is not enough for us. We need to double each pool.

Of course we can change subnet mask to /18 but we don’t want do it. Instead of this we looking for solution where we will use two pools (each of them with subnet mask /19). When the first pool will be full IP address should be assigned from second pool

It should looks like this:



gw05                     Office Mode Pool                         and 

gw01                     Office Mode Pool                        and 

gw03                     Office Mode Pool                        and 

gw06                     Office Mode Pool                      and 

gw02                     Office Mode Pool                      and 

gw04                     Office Mode Pool                      and 


At the moment we use “Manual method” for Office Mode






In this method it is possible indicate only one pool / network so we decided to use ipassignment.conf file with content like this:





Because this is new configuration for us, so we decided to test it in our lab.

Of course we hadn’t possibilities to conduct that test in that scale like in production environment, so ipassignment.conf file in our lab looked like below.







The test was that 3 clients try to connect to VPN and the results was like below:


Client-1                get address

Client-2                get address

Client-3                didn’t get address (screen below)






So my questions are:

  • could you confirm that is any method to use two pools (on one gateway) in Office Mode
  • if answer on above question is “YES” how should it be done






The software we used during the tests is:

Check Point R80.40 take 294 (HFA take 139)

Endpoint Security E85.40




Thanks in advance


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Thats super interesting topic. Just wondering, have you actually followed below article? I would certainly confirm with TAC if this is officially supported, to use 2 subnets.


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Hello Andy,


I have already gone through this article, it will not work in this case.




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Yea, I hear you, I also went through it myself and logically, does not appear it would help. I would certainly open an official TAC case and see if they can assist you.

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Using two OM IP pools on the same GW is not supported - so you would have to double the number of pool addresses instead.

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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