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VPN Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Hi Guys,

I'm running into issues connecting directly to MSSQL instance using Management Studio after connecting to the VPN client. 

Everything else seems to be working fine, has anyone ran into this issue ? 

We have migrated to a new cluster, old one was R77.30 and it was working fine.

This is on new appliances R80.10 Mobile Access and Endpoint Security Client E80.84.

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Define "issues."

What debug/logs have you taken?

A tcpdump/Wireshark of traffic from the affected client might also be beneficial.


Hi Dameon,

It seems that when I get ping working when connected to VPN all services work correctly. 

When ping is not working, some work (RDP) others dont (mssql).

Using fw monitor I see traffic flowing correctly in both scenarios (ping working and not working). ICMP requests and replies have the same flow.

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Is this the behaviour in the first two minutes after RA VPN connection?


I have the same issue. 

How did you resolve it?

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Having this issue now as well, anyone solve this? 


I am still having this issue and hit up good old google again to troubleshoot and ended up back here. 


I can't use sql server managment studio (ssms) to connect to a default DB instance, but it works fine when connecting to a name instance. Has anyone fixed this?