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Remote Access Client Deployment

Hi guys, Could you please help me to find out the best way to deploy E80.80 Remote Access Clients for Windows to end-user.

I have 150 end-users and I want to install and deploy Remote Access Clients .

Thanks in advance for your help .

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without knowing the environment, have you had a look at the:

E80.65 Remote Access VPN Clients for Windows 

especially this document 

E80.60 / E80.61 / E80.62 / E80.64 / E80.65 Remote Access Clients for Windows OS Administration Guide

There are chapters about creating the correct msi File and distributing it i.e. via GPO. When you do not have kind of Client Management (SCCM or so), but a Windows Active Directory, the GPO way might be the easiest one.

Regarding Deployment via GPO:

Howto use GPO to deploy software packages 

If you cannot use GPO, I´d suggest to just set up a web server, where clients can download it and write down a 2 or 3 side document, how to manually install the client.




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