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Mobile Access Portal error in R80.10


Management Server R80.30 - Build 016, Security Gateway: Open server R80.10 Gaia kernel 2.6.18-92cpx86_64 Build 479


We are trying to give remote access through Mobile Access Portal to some of our internal web apps (simple intranet web pages) to our users. Link translation is set globally to Path Translation (PT).

In logs in incoming URL field we have:


it seems like URL Translation (UT) and not Path Translation (PT), right?

And outgoing URL:

http://rpo1420 /web 

In logs we also have the following error: "The requested destination is not configured for this user's group in the Mobile Access policy." which links us to sk108439, which in turn links to sk105412 (R77.30 Add-On). But it's R80.10 and not R77.30.

And on client side we get: ""Access denied. The destination of your request has not been configured or you do not have authorization to access it." error, which in turn links us to sk115110.

It's confusing, isn't it?



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