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Gateway name in VPN Client

Hi, We have two VPN gateways in MEP configuration. Users can choose to which gateway want to connect. In VPN Client there are names of clusters gateways (screen1.png).

How we can change this names without changing clusters name in SmartConsole? Maybe there is some option in DB that will change this display name?

I have case opened  (6-0003536946) but support team thinking that we want to change this name via configuration in application. 

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Have you attempted changing the DNS name or something else, please refer: sk103440, sk167254

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I saw this sk and this will not help because it is only for name site not Gateway name. Normally user do not see gateway name. This is visibly only when there is more then one gateway in remote access domain (MEP enable). With two and more Gateway in VPN Domain user will see additional drop-down list with gateways name. What I checked that this name is the same as cluster name in SMS. We do not want to change this name in SMS but we want to change that name displayed in VPN Client

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I cant see your attachment, but either way, I dont believe you can change this and here is why. VPN clients need to get topology info from the gateway side, so whatever is configured there will be displayed on the client end as well.

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The only possible way I can think of to do this would be to edit trac.config on the client PCs.
There might be a "display name" option for the site buried in there, not 100% sure of that.
This requires unobscuring the file as described in: 
Unfortunately, this would have to be done on every client or the relevant trac.config would have to be pushed to every Endpoint.
This could be bundled up as part of a new installer package with the VPN client: 


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