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Endpoint Security connection behaviour

Hi, we're upgrading the client on our devices from version E80.51 to the latest E81.40 and we ran into a small user issue:

If we open the Endpoint Security client and close it via clicking "X" without entering any credentials or pressing connect, the client will not stop connecting but jumps to "Detecting site connectivity": image.png



The "problem" now is that you can't open the client via a shortcut anymore. You need to richt click the icon in the taskbar to open the client and then clicking cancel (in the picture above) to terminate the connection attempt, or whatever it is doing.


So my question, is this intended behaviour? Is there any way to avoid this and go back to the old client functionality that clicking "X" just cancels whatever it was doing? 


This is on Windows 10 1809, but same behaviour on 1803. This is tested with Checkpoint Endpoint Connect client 81.10 and 81.40.



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To my knowledge it's intended behavior, going back some versions.
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