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Checkpoint Mobile and Windows 10 Roaming Profiles


does anybody have the problem that the roaming profile of the windows users isn't synchronized on windows shutdown?

We are using SDL for login but it seems that the VPN-Client is already disconnected when Windows tries to sync the roaming profile.

Is there any configuration option to stay online until profile sync is completed ?



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That said my guess is this is an RFE.

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We are seeing exactly the same thing. We have users with roaming Windows 10 profiles (I appreciate there may be comments about why are you using roaming profiles etc) where they are now located at home (previously in office with working roaming profiles) and the event viewer is full of errors to do with the copy to location of files in the roaming profile being unavailable or lack of access rights.  Individual browsing and writing to the network shares locations within the roaming profile path are possible as the user when in Windows. Users are issuing a logoff or shutdown in Windows  correctly, bandwidth is good as the time of logoff. We have disabled offline file cache as we found this often was causing us other issues with network paths being unable to be browsed etc. Very frustrating and we are already working on an option without roaming profiles but would like it to be a consistent experience with roaming profiles for our users. We have tried the latest .40 client but found users with more issues on that so went back to the .30 client.

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