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Lima, Peru. I feel like this is the "craziest" thing I had done in 172 countries I been to haha

Having some fun in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru. I feel like this is the "craziest" thing I had done in 172 countries I been to haha

Wow, that' adventure right there!

It is, but I swear, it felt like I was about to hit something high, either bird or something else lol

But, it sure beats, in my opinion the jet skiing in Bora Bora. That over there is NOT safe at all lol


Cue Steve Miller Band 😉

No offence @PhoneBoy, I NEVER heard of that band until I googled it after your response lol

I used to like Metallica as a kid, but thats probably cause they used to play it all the time on MTV back in the day, probably only way you could learn English back where I come from LOL


Music was a huge part of my life growing up.
The song I'm thinking of is Fly Like An Eagle (it's also a great album, too).

Just listened to it, good one. Well, I always loved Michael Jackson growing up, despite all his legal troubles, I always thought he was the true king of pop.

Don't miss out on Ceviche. Big fan

I know @Gojira , very good! You know whats one thing I find kind of funny thinking about all my travels around the world, I always joke with my friend in Ottawa who is super nice guy, though he is vegeterian ( Im definitely NOT considering where I come from haha), but in Argentina, everyone I spoke with, if you tell them you dont eat meat, they think you are coo coo in the head 🤣🤣🤣

When I said that to my friend, he said well thats one place I should no go to then haha. Though they do have amazing fruits there as well, great people. I learnt people are great no matter where you go, but sadly, there will be bad people too. You see people everywhere care about same stuff, they value their family, friends, simple things in life. As saying goes, its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice.



In my picture did you say: "I envy people who do that, cause if you gave me 10000$ now, I would NOT do it haha"

But paragliding is not so far from skydiving. hahaha Good picture!

@Vini_Brentan I got that activity for free, but honestly, I feel even though I did not pay for it, it took some time to convince myself lol

I know, paragliding can be scary too LOL