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My 5th track day (Shelton, WA)

Finally got my knee down at a motorcycle track day last weekend!

My 5th track day (Shelton, WA)

Thats brave of you mate! Im always impressed by all the crazy formula 1 races I saw in my life, specially Saudi Arabia, insane racing...never saw motorcycle one before, but Im sure its equally as cool : - )


Shelton is not too far from where I used to live 🙂

I recall some places there when I was in the state about 10 years ago, there is pretty court house and people are too nice, they find the time for you, its very humbling.


@the_rock Thanks! Motorcycle racing is fun and exhilarating for me. 😀

@PhoneBoy That's cool! I drove from Portland, OR to Shelton just for this track.

@r1der Thats awesome mate! I met few biker dudes in my life, they were super nice. It shows what I always keep saying...its sad most people judge others just by their looks or hobbies or what have you,but once you get to know a person and hear their story, you see how wrong you actually were.



@the_rock Absolutely. It is always surprising when you put down your guard and actually talk to some people. They aren't as rude or mean as you initially thought! (sometimes) 😅