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Skyline -- Grafana -- Temperature Thresholds

The CPU, Inlet and Outlet temperature thresholds are different from each other on most models.   I cannot work out in Grafana how to set these thresholds to each real  temperature value.

hardware.temperature.max     50,50.100,100
hardware.temperature              30,27,64,71

Using Grafana, and the "Config from query results" in the transformation section, I can assign 50 to the Grafana built in variable of "threshold".  However, it assigns the same value to ALL the hardware temperatures, and not matching each max value to its corresponding real value's "threshold" variable.   

The threshold variable works in the graphs to do things like color coding and I assume alerting as well.  However, I cannot assign a unique threshold to each of the temperatures. 

This seems to be working as designed from what I can see as there is a note in the documentation that states.
"If you want to extract a unique config for every row in the config query result then try the rows to fields transformation."

The "rows to fields" transformation seems very broken at least in my install and doesn't give me any options to do anything like assigning the threshold values to each real value.   

I was wondering how others were working around this issue or if I'm missing something simple.

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