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Mobile Security Best Practices TechTalk

Practically everyone carries extremely powerful mobile devices that contain both personal and corporate data. That data is being targeted by hackers using campaigns like Gooligan, XCodeGhost, and Trident Pegasus. The attacks are becoming more frequent and more complex!

In this TechTalk with Mobility Expert Scot Kight‌, we'll show you some practical advice for protecting yourself and your organization from the attack vectors involving, applications, the networks you use, and baked into the devices you carry!

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Video Link : 6226

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Watched this and was glad to hear Scot lightly touch on the next update that includes basic URL filtering and can do certain blocking on the device itself. Do we know roughly when that next release is going to be available? We have been wanting something like this for about 2 years now and I'm glad that it is finally coming to fruition. Thanks,



I believe it is coming in the next several weeks, but dates/timeframes are subject to change.


We had a few other questions that came in after the end of the presentation, and the answers to these two will benefit everyone:

1: We are interested in GDPR, but on the live dashboard we could see phone numbers and email addresses of users.  This may be problematic in cases where GDPR privacy comes into play, how do you address this issue?

A1:  This is true, up to a point.  The email addresses and phone numbers listed are for the employees and the ease of administration which may or may not not be covered under GDPR.  In cases where we have no MDM, we use email or phone numbers as reference points for registration, as well as delivering the registration request via that method.  If this is not available or advisable, it is no trouble to use alternate GDPR acceptable addressing and providing the registration information directly (rather than via the system sending it out directly.)

With an MDM we can use alternate device ID information to establish the connection.  This will effectively hide the user information and leave it in the MDM vs shown in our display.  

There are lots of different things we can do in fact, and if this is a major concern for your system, let me know and we can map out the right way to proceed.

2: Can we provide additional messaging protection for applications outside of plain SMS messaging?

A2: This is one of the goals of our next product revision, providing protections effective for all sorts of applications, including WhatsApp and many others.  Stay tuned as we get prepped for release later this quarter!  Very exciting stuff!

Thanks again for the time today everyone, hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Scot Kight


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