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specific version of mac, windows, linux to know patch status

Our security team has asked me to find out if in the logs when a user logs into SSLVPN or Endpoint Security fat client, is there any way to see more details about the version of OS they are logging in with?  This way we can yell at them to patch their systems.   In the logs I can see if a user has windows or a mac for example, but not the exact version.

I'm 100% sure this can be done with with Endpoint Security thru the portal and policy checking for AV and windows updates.   Rather than going that route though, I was just at this point wanting to look at the logs for that information.  

When I edit my profile, In fields I see OS name, I do see OS Version and OS Build as options.  I may have answered my own question.

I found OS flavor and service pack too, but I'm not seeing those yet.


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I don’t think we log that information unless you’re using ESOD (Mobile Access) or Endpoint Compliance.
I know you can use SCV to enforce for Check Point Mobile but I don’t think it logs what you’re after either.

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