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Upgrade from Check Point UTM-1 with R70, to 5600 appliance with R80.10


I wanna install new Check Point 5600 NGTP appliance, for replace the old Check Point UTM-1 appliance with R70.

There is only around 100 policies. But the network object is many, around more than 500-700 network objects, include networks, hosts, groups, and range address.

So, my question is how can I migrate or export from R70 network object to R80.10?

Is it possible to upgrade export from R70 and upgrade import to R80.10?


Ary Kustirin

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The Upgrade Wizard is also helpful. It looks like you are using standalone management/firewall combined, correct? As the UTM device does not meet minimum specs for R80x I'd recommend performing an in place upgrade to R77.30 on the UTM. Once you have validated that your policies and objects look good run the R80 Verification Service (sk110267). Correct any issues and move the R80 migration tools over. Run a migrate export using the new tools (which will give you your rules and objects), also save routes and IPs of interfaces with >save configuration <FILENAME>. Move migrate file and config file over to new appliance with fresh install version of R80.10, migrate import and load configuration. Install policy and you should be good to go.


Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for your response. Yes you right, in the UTM-1 with R70 environment, we using standalone. And when we deploy to the new firewall, we using 2 5600-NGTP appliances, and NGSM-410 for management. We will build cluster HA in the new firewall.

From the existing R70, I already have R70 upgrade export file. But I don't know what to do with this upgrade export file, for upgrade or migrate to the new firewall.

Maybe you have guide or step by step what I have to do, to make the upgrade export file from R70 can be import or running in the R80.10.

If that is not possible to upgrade import the R70 to the R80.10, maybe you can guide me also to upgrade import the R70 file to the R77.30 first, and then to the R80.10


Ary Kustirin


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