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Smart1-Cloud vs Sofaware Management Portal (SMP)

Was hoping to get some insight from @PhoneBoy and @Tomer_Noy.

With the release of CP Smart1-cloud, I had assumed that product mgmt would be putting all focus on this new platform going forward.

How long do you feel that Sofaware Mgmt Portal will stay around (I specifically mention Sofaware to remind everyone the origins of SMP are 10-15 years old)? I acknowledge there are likely many large customers with numerous retail locations using SMP today.

Notes about Smart1-cloud:

  1. current SmartConsole GUI, polished,
  2. ability to add cloud SmartEvent -- so have same alerts and reports familiar from on-premise SmartCenter.
  3. manage both SMB and full GAIA devices.
  4. limit on max number devices. 25? would assume this growing over time.

SMP benefits:

  1. designed to manage hundreds of SMB devices.
  2. specific tools for rapid and large scale deployment.
  3. specific tools for monitoring operation of remote SMB devices in different locations.
  4. specific reports for all the above.

How does partner get access to demo instance of SMP to poke around? Access to Smart1-cloud is super easy from infinity portal.

Do you think SMP will be added to Infinity portal at some point?  

Is there a plan to merge the two?


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Currently, both management solutions are supported and we see nice growth in each of them, so it looks like customers / partners are seeing value in each one.

Smart-1 Cloud tries to bring the same experience as a full on-prem R8x Management, but as a service from the cloud. The SMP is focused on larger scale deployments for Gaia Embedded devices (SMB) and has certain capabilities that are very useful for MSPs / partners.

Smart-1 Cloud is under my domain, and we continue to invest in it & see it as an important part of our future.

SMP was under my ownership in my previous role, so I will tag the current owners to share information about current and future plans for it. @Aviv_Abramovich @Amir_Erman 


Hello @Tomer_Noy    Happy 2022 and thanks for insight.        The ongoing Smart1-cloud project has been great (along with infinity portal).     

Going forward, it would be great if some quasi-LSM functionality could be added to Smart1-cloud for the sample customer with "smaller number" of SMB devices (under 50), full GAIA products,  and  wants the following:

  1. leverage consistent SmartConsole mgmt GUI across app products
  2. leverage SmartEvent for event montoring and reporting
  3. manage CP devices both on- and off-premise (or in cloud). 

In related, we have larger account with unlimited SmartCenter managing numerous devices (both full GAIA and SMB).    they would like some specific SMB management features available in SmartCenter specific to "policy management and push".     

maybe there's a way to cherry pick a few specific frequently used features from SMP for incorporation into SmartConsole add-on? 


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I'm glad to hear that you have a great experience with Smart-1 Cloud and the Infinity Portal 🙂

If you want to manage around 50 SMB (Gaia Embedded) gateways, you can do that today with Smart-1 Cloud. There is no limitation around that. There is even a Smart-1 Cloud license for managing SMB gateways that is cheaper so that 5 SMB gateways cost like 1 Gaia gateway. We already have a few customers running such numbers.

When we talk about SMP for larger scales, it's in the range of thousands of devices with some features to simplify managing such numbers.

Regarding the cherry pick, what features are you looking for, or is it a general suggestion?

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Instead of an SMP portal (installed locally or as SaaS), you always had the alternative to use a CP SMS for either Small-scale Deployment Installation or LSM/SmartProvisioning of SMB units. Different needs use different tools...

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