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Smart-1 225 RAM Upgrade

Does anybody know what specific type of RAM module the Smart-1 225 appliance uses?

I had a quote for the official Check Point SKU (CPAC-RAM16GB-SM225) and with subs the RRP is over $3,000!!!!!!! 

For just 16Gb of Ram!

That is just absolutely bonkers.  

I got a Kingston 16Gb RAM upgrade for my home server recently from and it was $100.  Slightly different to the $3,000 Check Point want for the same thing.

So, (accepting the void warranty if we break the seal on the appliance...) can anybody tell me what type of RAM module a 225 appliance uses so I can save myself around $2,900?

Thanks 🙂


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Processor type in a Smart-1 225 is Intel Core i5-3550S 3.10GHz (Quad Core).  For that processor says:

Memory Specifications


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What would the warranty implications be if you were to use non-checkpoint RAM?  I presume it is immediately void?

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Technically, it is not supported to use third party RAM in Check Point appliances.
In some cases, replacing the DIMMs require breaking a warranty seal, which would be immediately void if you did that.
All that said, assuming you acquire and install the right DIMMs, it should work.
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