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Upgrade MGMT from R77.30 to R80.20 M2 Getting Warning

Hi Team,

Gateway : R77.30 (Cluster)

I ran the pre-upgrade verifier  on R77.30 MGMT Server and getting below warning.

INSPECT manual changes

Some changes in Security Gateway behavior require manual changes in INSPECT files. These files are overwritten with new versions when you upgrade. Sometimes, you must apply the changes again on the new INSPECT files. In other cases, there are new GUI options to set.
* Impacts: If changes are lost after the upgrade, the Security Gateway might not work as expected.
* To Do: Check if changes are needed in the new version, if so, merge them manually to the relevant file.
This problem will occur in the following files:
R80.20 Gateways (/opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/lib)

So basically as per my understanding I need to note down any changes done in table.def file in MGMT Server. (Location: /opt/CPR77CMP-R80.20/lib/table.def)  so after upgrade to R80.20 I manually add that parameter.

Pls help if I am wrong.


#Chinmaya Naik 


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$FWDIR/lib/table.def for R77.30 MGMT
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Yep that is exactly what it says: "be aware that you made change to this file and it will be overwritten"
So store a copy of the file and review if they are still needed after the upgrade.
Regards, Maarten
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