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Restoring Deleted policy

How can we restore the deleted FW policy in R80.10 MGMT. We used to restore the deleted policy with data base revision control option in R77.30 

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check your "Installation History"  (Access tools) on the policy tab. You can see your prior policies and, if you want, install the policy version ok.

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In R80.x policy revision control is automatic. In Policy Installation History under Security Policy you can install a specific version, Under Manage and Settings - Revisions you can View or Purge policy revisions. It's also possible to take over a session of another admin.

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And when you reverted to a database revision in R77.30 you were able to bring back a deleted policy package but you also lost any other changes, are you sure that's what you want to do?  The Installation History feature in R80+ management can only install a previously-installed known good policy back onto a gateway, it changes/restores nothing in the actual config shown in the SmartConsole.

Check out the Revert function detailed in Part 3 of my document here:

R80+ Change Control: A Visual Guide 


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