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Re: Can't Discard "SmartView Tracker" sessions on R80.20 SmartConsole

Hey Dameon,

  I think having a separate discussion about SmartView Tracker issues is a great idea. 

  Can we make some sort of new category, say like: "Suggested Improvements", or a more apropos title, if anyone can think of a better one,  where we can open semi-permanent threads about product usability, workflow and suggested changes/fixes?  Otherwise I think a thread about usability will probably get buried and forgotten pretty quickly.

Best Regards,


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Part of the reason for having different spaces for things is so different areas of R&D can monitor the areas that are relevant to them.
This includes product feedback of all sorts.
To facilitate this, I tend to move threads to the appropriate space.
Having a single "suggested improvements" space doesn't work in this model.

This thread really should have been in the Logging and Reporting space:
I'll move it there.
I recommend the followup thread about SmartView Tracker be created in that space.
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