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Carlos_Dias inside Logging and Reporting 12m ago
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Configure a View in Logs & Monitor

Hi,In R80.20 I need to configure a View in Logs & Monitor, to show the to source and destinations with more average connections opened, during a specific period.Also a report fr that.I dont find suitable options for that. I see traffic, firewa...
Danish_Javed1 inside Logging and Reporting 6 hours ago
views 27 4

NTP Configuration on a VSX Cluster

Hello,I am running R80.10 VSX Cluster on 2 Gateways in Active/Standby, need to configure NTP on the Gateways and Management Server. My Question is : - what is the correct procedure to configure NTP and will it impact cluster configuration ? will i...
inside Logging and Reporting 8 hours ago
views 4293 13 14

*New* Splunk App for Check Point Logs

Hello all, I’m happy to announce about a new Splunk app for Check Point logs. Check Point brings you an advanced and real-time threat analysis and reporting tool for Splunk. The Check Point App for Splunk allows you to respond to security risks im...
Kaspars_Zibarts inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 734 4 7

Log rate calculator for MDS / MLM

There are two great SKs out there, so this is just re-inventing the wheelsk120341 - How to monitor the Log Receive Rate on Management Serversk88681 - How to calculate/count the total amount of FireWall Logs per second that arrive to Secu...
Danilo_Lara inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 2605 11 5

R80.10 SmartConsole Gateway & Servers Status

Hello!I'm testing R80.10 in my lab and I noticed that the Status of the gateways and servers are unavailable. In R80 it's working fine. In all Columns (General, Health, Traffic, etc) there is no information. It shows a "Machine Status is not avail...
Christopher_To inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 27 1

Errors when opening gateway object

Is anyone familiar with these error messages?  These come up sometimes after pushing policy and only when I open a Check Point Gateway object.  When these errors pop up I can open the object but can't make any changes.  I can get ar...
Runan_Chaung inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 132 5

Traffic calculations question

environment:R80.20 on HP Server Gen10bridge modeI have some question about traffic log and calculations.1. When Application Name is "Unknown Traffic" , traffic log display wrong 2. And I found some log display nothing about traffic3. I u...

SmartView logs don't show the destination port, only the service?

I have been using SmartView for logs and reporting more lately on R80.20, but I have noticed that when you open up the log details it only seems to show the service, but does not show the destination port.  This is a pain if the destination p...
inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
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Log Exporter Filtering

Hello all,I'm happy to inform you that we added a new feature to the log exporter - the ability to filter logs.Starting today, you will be able to configure which logs will exported, based on fields and values, including complex statements.More in...

SmartConsole Send by Email function not showing Email Recipients

Using R80.10 SmartConsole I have successfully created and scheduled a specific report to send out to email recipients.  When I add the recipients the list is blank.  I add an email address 3 times as I thought it was not working.I now re...
J_Saun inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 22 1

Enable Rule UID

We have a requirement to enable/use Rule UID on all of our management stations (its a mix of R65, R72, R77).To enable this feature I need to check the following option in Global Properties:'Smardashboard Customizations>Advanced>Firewall-1&gt...
Markus_Kress inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 70 8 1

after changing hostname, log shows still old name

Hi CheckMates,Interesting thing: After changing some hostnames with api command "set host", the log entries are still resolved to the old names.The changes were published and also a policy install was done. What did I miss to do? I am using R...
Garrett_Anderso inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 67 3 3

ETA on sizing guide for R80.20 SmartEvent with XFS filesystem?

Hello community. What is ETA on sizing guide for R80.20 SmartEvent with XFS filesystem?The currently available SK articles are below and reference both old GAIA versions and outdated Smart1 models (even the R80.x SK - see below). I can't send thes...
Shiran_wang inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 28 1

5200 standaloe HA SmartEvent gray

5200 device upgrade to R80.10, after upgrade i found i can't enable SmartEvent due to this icon is gray,i checked official document, this document mention 5400 model can not be enable SmartEvent but no 5200 modelwhat should i do to enable SmartEve...
Maarten_Lutterm inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 1276 10 3

No logging in Logging and Monitor tab

Hi, I have installed a new log-server with R80.10 and smartevent and correlation unit on it.We are running a management HA. Added the log server to the management. SIC is working everything looks fine. Log server is receiving logs (check with...