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Laurent_Le_Foll inside Logging and Reporting 9 hours ago
views 1962 11 1

R80.10 Smartview Web or SmartConsole : Exporting ALL filtered logs to CSV

Hello,From the Smartconsole -> Logs & Monitor -> Log view or from the Smartview Web interface, I would like to export all logs from a filtered log view to CSV. In both cases, I use the "Export to Excel" function but I have two different ...
Baasanjargal_Ts inside Logging and Reporting 13 hours ago
views 23 2

Is it possible to export and import Host objects.?

Is it possible to export and import Host objects.?
Christopher_To inside Logging and Reporting 15 hours ago
views 163 9 1

Hit count does not match logs

Hi,I am wondering why the hit count for a rule is showing 0 but there is traffic shown hitting the rule in the logs.  Can someone clarify?Thanks,Chris
Beverley_Cudd inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 107 7 3

Missing cleanup rule when a rule is definetely set

I am getting the following message even though we have a cleanup rule configured - Missing cleanup rule - Unmatched traffic will be dropped and not logged.I have checked the Advanced tab in Manage Policies and layers, Layers  and it is defint...
karsten_wiborg inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 120 2

SmartLog: Search Narrowing only works under certain circumstances

Hi, I do not understand the way CheckPoint is implementing Search Narrowing in SmartLog in R80.10 and possibly above. I have 2 situations:1.) go to a column, right mousekey, "add Filter": you'll get a suggestion of about 10 items and at the t...
Vladimir inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 637 3 1

SmartEvent NGSE connectivity issue

Just run into this nasty: Client's SmartEvent R77 NGSE Take 17, which cannot be upgraded to R77.30 was crashing. After recovering it to the working state using sk111559 all seems well in the SmartView monitor of the Management Server running ...
chuka inside Logging and Reporting Sunday
views 166 6

Using Netbackup to take backup of Log server

Hello Team, we run an open server running on R80.1 with a network attached storage as a log server.  we have an enterprise net backup solution used for all enterprise application and devices. The solution is agent based and requires the ...
TheRealDiZ inside Logging and Reporting Friday
views 112 3

Not able to access SmartView R80.20

Hi Guys! I'm not able to access SmartView on R80.20 with error "Authentication to server failed".I'm using the same "admin" user with which I'm able to access SmartConsole, SSH, Gaia Portal. Anyone is experiencing the same?I have to conf...
Filip_Wennerhul inside Logging and Reporting Thursday
views 33 1

Threat emulation log Detect

Hi we have seen an issue with a file being allowed through threat emulation as detect instead of prevent at a customer. We have looked over the SKs but cant seem to find one that is applicable except maybe a timeout issue to ted daemon we found in...
inside Logging and Reporting Wednesday
views 762 2 6

Fix for R80.20 "Security Checkup - Advanced" report

As discussed inR80.20 security checkup report does not export, there is problem in R80.20 GA to export in SmartView the "Security Checkup - Advanced" report.The issue will be fixed in the next JHF, which should be released in the following weeks.I...
Bishal_Upadhyay inside Logging and Reporting Wednesday
views 149 2

Smartconsole not showing Gateway Status, cluster members and Management Server

Hi Everyone,At Smartconsole, we are not able to view gateway status, along with cluster members and Management server too. However, it seems only GUI issue since every other logical functions are working properly like cphaprob stat in cli command ...
Bishal_Upadhyay inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 84 4 1

Anti-spam blade not showing senders and recepients in smartlog

Hi Everyone,We have Checkpoint 5600 series R80.20 gateways in cluster in distributed deployment. The issue is that we are not able to see the sender and recipient information in Smartlog for Anti-spam blade while TLS is enabled in mail gateway. Ho...
VENKAT_S_P inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 6405 5

Log export to excel CSV

general question:Is there a option to export all (not first 50 records) the 7days / 30days logs to CSV file from Logs & Monitor pane?
venkata_marutur inside Logging and Reporting 2 weeks ago
views 142 9 2

Emailing Command Outputs

Hello Team,Can someone tell me how I can run a command on Checkpoint firewalls/management server and get the command output in an email (like a text or csv file)?I was able to find some alerts for theresholds but not for custom command outputs.Tha...
ED inside Logging and Reporting 2 weeks ago
views 1244 4 1

Infected hosts shows non internal IP

Cyber Attack ViewInfected hosts shows an IP address that is not internal. Example:The log shows from IP-address towards one of our external IP-addresses og security gateway. Why does the Cyber Attack View show addresses tha...