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QoS and SIP Trunk

We are in the process of getting a SIP trunk setup and I am looking at QoS on our GW's.  I have setup the various SIP rules in the access rulebase for the router that will be the endpoint for the trunk.  I also have a QoS rule for a 5Mbps Guarantee on the SIP traffic as we are only getting 16 x g.711 SIP channels.  We are on a 100Mbps Network.

I have been told however that I may want to consider setting up Low Latency.  I have had a look at this but its pretty complex stuff.  I have worked out the constant bit rate should probably be around 1440 Kbps but trying to work out the Maximal delay is almost impossible!

I am sure other people out there have SIP running over their GW's - what do other people do?  Any help appreciated.



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In a galaxy far far away I saw someone trying to implement voip domain with check point but in real life never saw one of it working , would be interesting see what are the community thoughts on this

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