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Office 365 Management Activity API



I'm new in this community, I would like to ask related to Office 365 Management activity API, I have set up SIEM log collector from Logrhythm and I have configured to collect logs from one of service from Azure platform which is Office 365 Mgtmt API, the issues is, unable to collect logs from Office 365, I have allowed IP's provided by Microsoft as below,belong to domain I have created policy to allowed these IP's, but still failed to collect.


I was checked my configuration are correct, I was do testing to another network environment without Checkpoint, its work. 


Any idea on this? what I need to config?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2603:1006:1400::/40, 2603:1016:2400::/40, 2603:1026:2400::/40, 2603:1036:2400::/40, 2603:1046:1400::/40, 2603:1056:1400::/40, 2a01:111:200a:a::/64, 2a01:111:2035:8::/64, 2a01:111:f406:1::/64, 2a01:111:f406:c00::/64, 2a01:111:f406:1004::/64, 2a01:111:f406:1805::/64, 2a01:111:f406:3404::/64, 2a01:111:f406:8000::/64, 2a01:111:f406:8801::/64, 2a01:111:f406:a003::/64

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When you try to connect, can you see any traffic logs that might show the traffic is being blocked?
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