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adding Application Control Web Browsing Services

Customer wants to add a wildcard URL to an allow rule in Application Control, but wants it to be for port 81.  The only way I can see to do this is to go into the App Control Advanced Settings and add port 81 to be allowed for all sites, which he is not comfortable with.  I told him that the site would still be blocked because it's not allowed via his security rules, but am wondering if there's a better answer than that.

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You will need to allow the port 81 service outbound however AppCtrl/URL should take place for non standard ports providing under the Application Control and URL Filtering Setting that the 


Enable HTTP Inspection on non standard ports for Application Control and URL Filtering



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Thanks for the reply.  Hmmm.  I'm wondering what the App Control Web Browser Services is there for if the below check box you mention moots it.  Not sure if this customer can test since it's for a site in China.  Also, not sure about opening port 81 everywhere in the Security Rules.  Only way I can think of to narrow that down would be to get the IP of this site and create a rule allowing port 81 to that IP, which of course has it's own limitations.  But that may be our best option.

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