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Migrate a 75.40 SmartEvent instance into a management server currently running 77.30

Hello all

This is my first post and I am running to an issue. We initially had 2 Smart-1 5 appliances. Appliance (A) was running on 77.30 and we were using that to run our smartconsole apps. Appliance (B) was running 75.40 and was running the smartevent. We recently upgraded to Smart-1 405 and migrated all the of appliance (A) into it. Now we want to migrate the smartevent to it since we were told by Check Point that the 405 is powerful enough to run both instances. 

Is this even possible? I couldnt find an SK to describe this. I was initially going through the procedures listed on sk102452 but I feel like that would overwrite everything we currently have on the 405 and I dont want to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Other than, perhaps, the custom reports you've built, and possibly the logs, there isn't much to migrate from SmartEvent.

On which server do the logs reside?

If they're on the management, you should be able to just enable SmartEvent on the new server and possibly reindex old logs, as described here: How to run SmartEvent Offline Jobs for multiple log files 

If they were on the SmartEvent server, you would have to copy them to the new server (they should be in $FWDIR/log) and run the above SK.

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