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SmartEvent Reports (views) for EndPoints

Hi. As far as I know, there are NO smartevent reports for Endpoints. I found custom template for SandBlast Agent - How to support SandBlast Agent in R80.10 SmartEvent 

But what about other endpoint blades (firewall, AV, complince, etc)?

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It's a good question. Maybe Tomer Sole has a template already built just for endpoint. That said I think the direction is to include endpoint within the existing views and reports. For instance these are endpoint events in the default R80.20 Threat Prevention view. When we look at the Filter we see endpoint endpoint specific Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Exploit as well as the common Anti-Bot on the network and endpoint platforms included in the filter. 

Regarding Firewall, AV and compliance or other endpoint views what would you like to see? One option would be to copy the Access Control view and enable Endpoint Compliance. 


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