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MOB licensing, One-liner, license object details, and services "refresh"?

Hello --

/aside:  surprised there's no product category of "account services issues" or "licensing problems and/or resolutions"./

have problem with customer recently upgraded from R80.30 to R80.40 and something about MOB licensing broke with SmartConsole.

I have worked with customer (and Account services) to validate license signatures to insure all MOB licensing correct for what's attached to (a) SmartCenter, and (b) what's present in Gateway container that is attached to gateway.

From latest build 411 of SmartConsole R80.40, the cluster "license details" for mobile access show the wrong value.  

Per dialog with AS, a customer with MOB-200 will show allowed session count of 205 (MOB-200 plus the embedded 5 seats of CP mobile.  yes, even thought MOB licensing is not additive.  this is something that has been coded into product licensing mechanism).

Danny's wonderful one-liner (and SmartConsole extension) both show expected 205 available sessions.

However, the SmartConsole "license details" only says TEN mobile access sessions and this makes customer uncomfortable for a near milestone when the 205 session will be tested.    They have no way to test more than a few sessions today.     The session limit in R80.30 did report correctly.

Today, Account Services suggested "reboot your server" and I had to cringe.    I felt like it was 2008 and people were rebooting their Exchange servers ever day.   In Y2020 and with stature of Checkpoint and GAIA's linux heritage, no "avenue" provided by support should include reboot.   Yes, I understand that reboot of SmartCenter in distributed mode unlikely to affect end-users (unless UDIR actively used for remote access auth).

Is anyone aware of way to "refresh" or (-HUP) any relevant CP processes to make them review licensing?


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At worst on a management server, you should only have to execute a cprestart.
It does an orderly shutdown and restart of the relevant processes but not a reboot of the entire server. 
As for which process is the most relevant in this situation...can't say for sure. 

Note that a reboot is necessary on a gateway to resolve certain licensing issues related to CoreXL.

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