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Is it possible to visualize on Smart Console the size of the logs that each active blade generate?

Good Morning Everyone, 
I hope you are having a nice day. First of all, I am creating this post to solve a doubt that I have . I wanted to know if it is possible to see on the Smartconsole the size of the logs that each active blade is generating by day. Also, I want to let you know that I was able to see the daily amount that ALL the active blades are generating together , but one of my customers asked me how much gbs each of the blades logs were on the daily routine so he can choose between the options the ones that are the most important for his environment. 

Thank you so much for the attention.

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We don't track the size of an individual log entry, much less provide a mechanism to tell you how much "a given blade" generates in terms of logs.
It's also a bit more complicated in that not do the logs themselves take up space, but the indexes do as well.

In addition to space for the logs and indexes, you also have packet captures from IPS and emulated files from Threat Emulation.
If you're using App Control and URL Filtering with Extended logging, you'll get all the URLs accessed by the user (if HTTPS Inspection is enabled), which obviously will take more space.


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CPLogInvestigator is likely your best bet with getting some of these types of stats depending on your Management version.


For sample output please refer:


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