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Can we migrate checkpoint management server r80.30 from Open Server to Checkpoint Smart-1

Hello Everyone!


Can you please tell me or share me the link, to migrate checkpoint management server from OPEN SERVER to Checkpoint SMART-1

Thank You.


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This can be accomplished with the standard migration tools.
The basic steps are covered in the Install and Upgrade guide for R80.30 under "Special Scenarios for Management Servers":

At a high level, you're taking a migrate_server export from the Open Server, installing R80.30 fresh on the Smart-1, then migrate_server import on the Smart-1.

Logs can (and probably should, if you have a lot of them) be migrated separately.
You will also have to kick off a reindexing process.
Believe both of these are covered in the guide.
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 Step 1: Export the configuration from your Open Server. Login via SSH into expert mode and run cpstop. Then:

  1. Export the OS config via: clish -s "save configuration <file>
  2. Export the Software config via: migrate export <file>

 Step 2: Change the IP address of the Open Server temp. to a different one.

Step 3: Install the same Check Point Gaia version and Jumbo Hotfix take on your Smart-1 appliance as it is running on our Open Server (Use the original IP address your Open Server had before you changed it to a temp. IP). Run the 1st time wizard to install the management software and reboot.

Step 4: SCP the exported files to your Smart-1 appliance.

Step 5: Login to the expert more of your Smart-1 appliance and run cpstop. Then:

  1. Import the OS config via: clish -s "import configuration <file>
  2. Import the Software config via: migrate import <file>

Step 6: SCP and additional files, such a log files, files from the /home/username directories to your Smart-1 appliance that you might want to keep.

Step 7: Reboot your Smart-1 appliance and you should be read to work with it. If everything is fine, power off your Open Server, if not, troubleshoot.

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