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Add to and view policy from command line

We have a situation where our firewall will be in place and live before our firewall manager. To expedite the build of the environment we need to add rules to the firewall/policy. I know it is possible to add rules using a script via the CLI but for visibility purposes are we able to view the policy installed on the firewall from the command line? Or is it only possible to see the installed policy via the Smartconsole GUI?

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In general, you can view and edit the firewall policy only via SmartConsole GUI. So you need to the firewall manager in order to manage your firewall.


Adding to what Danny wrote, without the Security Management Server (or Domain Management Server) the Security Gateway is installed with the InitialPolicy.

Only after the Security Gateway is connected to the Security Management (even if on the same machine, i.e. Standalone) and the first user defined policy is installed on it,  then it will be meaningful to view the policy (CLI or SmartConsole).

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