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upgrade VSX R77.30


i want to upgrade 2 chassis  41000 that run R76SP.30 for a new version R77.30 ( i'm not sure )

in this chassis there is more  than  8 clusters run R77.30 version  .

1) i want to konw with whish vesrsion can i upgrade this chassis 

2)  i have  also all the cluster on the active/active mode ( i don't know why but the chassis are on the active standby )  

if i upgrade the chassis could you please tell if  the production will be impacted .

best regards 

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First of all this is a Scalable Platforms‌ question.

Second, there is no R77.x release for Scalable Platforms.

The next release for Scalable Platforms will be R80.20SP and is expected fairly soon.

However, if you’re running VSX (as your subject implies), you will have to wait as this release will not support VSX initially.