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Maestro Cluster LOM reset


We have a Maestro cluster containing of four member 23800.

One of the LOM cards is reachable  but the access is not possible.

We have the CLI access to the expert mode and need to default the LOM password back to the default setting or to a password as desired by us.

Can you advise on the correct process : ideally we would want to complete this remotely from the CLI access.

(is it the same process as that defined in SK127573 ?)

Ideally  the process to default the password and then the proc to set the user defined Password of choice.

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Employee Employee

# m [<chassis_id>_]<sgm_id>

Example: # m 1_02 to change to chassis 1 blade 2

Note: This can only be done within the same security group

Then start with sk92986 to check/confirm the current LOM configuration.

From there if you have any doubts you can consult TAC for a remote session / process elements.

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If you need to restart the LOM you can use:

ipmitool mc reset warm

ipmitool mc reset cold


Then you should see the LOM with: 

 ipmitool lan print X

X is the number of the channel, can I think be from 1 till 10, just try all untill output. 

If you still do not see it check if you can see it via these commands:

ipmitool bmc info

GAIA clish: -> 

show lom

show asset lom-info

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