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Issue on IPv6 Traffic - Maestro


I have 2 MHO 140 Orchestrators in redundancy. It's running r80.20 SP. I have installed the latest hotfix 242 on MHO and Maestro Gateways. We have 4 GW's on the same SG managed by 2 MHO 140 Orchestrators. 

Out of 4 Maestro GWs, IPv6 is not working on 2 Maestro GWs. I have configured the default IPv6 route on SG and it's reflected on all the GWs.  I checked on all the gateway one by one and the configuration is same on all the GWs. However, only from 2 GWs, I am able to reach outside(google, other) IPv6 addresses. From the other 2 GW's, I am only able to reach my IPv6 default gateway. 

Please note that I have detached and re-attached both the GW's many times thinking if that could resolve the issue. But it didn't help. So, at a time, only 2 GW's are able to process IPv6 traffic. 

Is there any issue with IPv6 when I have more than 2 GW's? I have read r80.20 limitations and it seems like there are many limitations when it comes to IPv6. 

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