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How can I trust this MHO snapshot?

I'd like to create a snapshot of my MHO-140 appliance (Maestro Orchestrator) that I can trust.
Unluckily the snapshot partition is only 25 GB, that means:

  • it will only hold very few snapshots
  • it won't let me export snapshots to be able to delete them to free more space

Before upgrading R81.10 to JHF 22 I started to create a new snapshot.
Creation failed several times without an error message and I had to reboot in order to be able to try again until it finally worked.
During the creation process it showed an 100% usage info:


After finishing it's now showing this overview:


How can I trust this snapshot?

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Employee Employee

Please raise this with TAC in my view this needs to be investigated further, if there's a problem with the process / space calculation etc it needs to be corrected. Perhaps they can also attempt to restore the snapshot in the lab?

With that said sk174202 describes a recovery methodology without snapshot dependencies for your information.

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Im with you...I would not trust that snapshot even 1%. Something definitely looks screwed up, for sure. @Chris_Atkinson gave good advice, definitely have TAC investigate this.

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Hi @Danny,

Export and delete old snapshots:
> set snapshot expor<snapshot name> path <path> name <snapshot name>
--> now download the snapshot file via ssh or winscp
> delete snapshot <snapshot name>

You can backup or create snapshots on  the MHO's like a clasic appliance. I had tested this in the lab.
If the backup partition is too small for an R81.10 snapshot, then only TAC will help.

Create snapshot:
> add snapshot <snapshot name>
> set snapshot expor<snapshot name> path <path> name <snapshot name>
--> now download the snapshot file via ssh or winscp

Restore snapshot:
--> now upload the snapshot file via ssh or winscp
> set snapshot import <snapshot name> path <path> name <snapshot name>
> set snapshot rever<snapshot name>

Alternatively, the following way should also be possible. But it is by far not as good as a snapshot.
If the MHO GAIA version does not change, the following files are needed to backup and restore the MHO:


1) Don’t plug any appliance yet
2) Install MHO with old GAIA version
3) Copy all the following files from the damaged MHO backup (files see above)
4) # orchd restart
5) Plug all the appliances exactly to the same ports