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Execute CLI commands on all Maestro SGMs simultaneously ➜ SmartConsole Extension

After about 1500 lines of code, I would like to present you my new "SmartConsole Extention ➜ Execute CLI commands on all Maestro SGMs simultaneously" in version 5.2. 

This is equivalent to the "g_all" command and can be executed in the SmartConsole.

Install the extension


1) On SmartConsole, go to Manage & Settings > Preferences > SmartConsole Extensions > +.

2) Enter the web-service manifest URL
and click OK.


Execute "Expert Mode" command on all Maestro SGMs simultaneously


3) Open the menu item "Expert Mode".

4) Execute a command on all Maestro SGMs simultaneously for example "fw ver".
     Enter the command and then press the "all SGMs" button.
     This button corresponds to the "g_all" command.
     The button is only visible if you have selected a Maestro gateway above.

More about the Extension


SmartConsole extension to execute commands on all gateways, VSX gateways, SMS and MDS:

  • Execute commands  in  "Expert Mode" and "CLISH".
  • Get and Push GAIA CLISH configs from/to gateway.
  • Execute "Expert Mode" and "CLISH" commands on all gateways simultaneously.
  • Execute "Expert Mode" and "CLISH" commands on selected gateways simultaneously.
  • Command history -> Execute the last 20 commands again.
  • Status about the success of the action.
  • One Click
    • Open a cli command in SmartConsole with one mouse click and execute the command on a gateway.
    • Create your own permanent list with 40 commands.
    • Uses a predefined list of 40 CLI commands.

Here you can find the original article with the extention:
Execute Commands ➜ SmartConsole Extension 

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