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Check Point Maestro - FAQ

Author: Danny Jung

Q: What's the official product site ?
A: Check Point Quantum Maestro | Orchestrator Datasheet | Support Center

Q: What's the recommended version ?
A: Check Point R81 for Scalable Platforms | Release Notes | Known Limitations | Comparison to R81 and other versions

Q: Where's the Getting Started Guides ?
A: Quantum Maestro - Getting Started Guide (PDF) | MHO Quick Start Guide

Q: Where's the Admin Guide ?
A: Quantum Maestro - Admin Guide R81 (PDF)

Q: Where can I get a Maestro Demo ?
A: Right here.

Q: What are the Maestro HyperScale Orchestrators (MHO) based on?
A: MHO-140 Appliance: Nvidia Mellanox SN2410 Ethernet Switch
A: MHO-175 Appliance: Nvidia Mellanox SN3700C Ethernet Switch

Also see Check Point's Declaration of Conformity.
Info: The MHO-170 Appliance is discontinued.

Q: Which transceivers are compatible / supported ?
Compatibility of transceivers for Check Point appliances

Q: What's the port mapping ?
Port mapping for MHO-140 Appliance

Q: How is the m / member command working ?
It's just a SSH wrapper that aims to make it easier to SSH-connect to members of security groups, i.e. Check Point Security Gateways (SGMs). You can also directly use ssh if you know the IP addresses or simply look them up via: lldpneighbors

Q: What's the CIN network ?
The Sync & Chassis Internal Network (CIN) got it's name from Check Point chassis-based 41000 / 61000 appliances. In Maestro it's used for connectivity between the orchestrators and the security gateway modules where they are connected via DAC cables.

Q: How can I check the status of the connected ports on the MHO ?
Simply use this tool from our toolbox or run the command:

Q: Where can I find training for Maestro ?
As a Check Point partner, ask your local Check Point SE for the Maestro Partner Training KIT (PTK) and training dates.
A: Check Point also offers a free Maestro Jumpstart Training (part 2) and this community hosted a Maestro TechTalk.
A: Check Point Education & Certification offers a paid Maestro training & certification.
A: Check Point Partners can view recorded Maestro sessions within the Partner Onboarding Academy.
A: Check Point Maestro Webinars can be found on Eventbrite and BrightTalk.
A: Check Point Professional Services started a documentary on HyperScale solutions: Part 1, Part 2.
A: More training resources can be found here.


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