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"It's not the firewall"

Hi (check)mates,

We all know that "the firewall" is one of the first things people blame when there is a traffic issue. A security gateway (a "firewall") do a lot of "intelligent stuff" more than just routing traffic (and -in fact- many network devices today do also "a lot of things") so I understand there is a good reason for thinking about the firewall but, at the same time, there is a big number of times where it's not anything related to it, or when it's not directly related.

I'm looking to build a brief list of typical or somewhat frequent issues we face, where "the firewall" is reported as the root of the issue, but finally it isn't.

It's a quite generic topic, and in terms of troubleshooting it's probably even more generic. Probably there are several simple tools that one should use first, like: traffic logs, fw monitor, tcpdump/cppcap, etcetera. But what I would like to point is not the troubleshooting, but the issues themselves. Of course, assuming the firewall side is properly configured (which would be a "firewall issue" but due to a bad configuration).

To narrow down the circle, I'm specially focusing on networking issues, but every idea is welcomed.

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