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how to recovery password

Se a perdido el password del Sandblast.

Alguien pudiera, Facilitar el EmergenDisk para recuperar el acceso al Sandblast.

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Which password specifically?
On which appliance/software release specifically?
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Password: admin ( only have one password)

TE Appliances / SanblastPolicy 

Previous team admins forgot the password and we can't get in. as I read it could be done with emergenDisk..


I'm sorry I answered so late.

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If you're talking about the Gaia OS password and you still have access via SmartConsole, you can reset the password using the following:
Otherwise, you'll need to be more specific about what login prompt you don't know the password for.


I'm sorry for my little expression about the inconvenience.

To your questions, if we have access through the Smart Console, just to see the equipment.

But we can't access Gaia's portal because we don't have that Admin password.

Previous administrators did not create different users. the TE Appliance version is R77.30.

I'm going to try the options I'm going to read them to see if I can get in for Gaia.

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Legend Legend

As far as what to do when you get locked out of a Check Point System, here is a quote from an upcoming "special project" I'm currently working on:

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If you make a mistake setting up authentication on a firewall and somehow manage to lock yourself permanently out
of the Gaia OS via SSH and the Gaia web interface (or perhaps the password for “admin” was lost or is unknown and there are
no other known administrative accounts), it is possible to recover Gaia OS access via the Secure Internal Communications (SIC)
protocol employed between the SMS and a firewall.

The SIC protocol can be launched from the SMS and execute arbitrary Gaia commands on the firewall even without a valid
login/password combination. Note that SIC must currently be established and working between the SMS and firewall in
question (i.e. policy installations from the SmartConsole GUI succeed, and logs are being received from the firewall) for this to
work. See this SK article for the necessary instructions which employ the cprid_util command to accomplish this task:
sk106490: How to remotely reset Admin / Expert password on a Security Gateway or Secondary Managemen...

If you are still locked out at the Gaia OS level and the prior techniques have failed to reestablish access, it is possible to boot a
CentOS LiveUSB distribution from a USB drive, mount the Gaia filesystems, and manually correct whatever mistake you
made. See this relatively new SK for the procedure: sk163461: How to reset the R80.x Gaia Admin and Expert passwords using CentOS 7 LiveUSB

For a lost expert mode password, see here: sk92347: How to reset the Expert mode password in Gaia OS.


Gateway Performance Optimization R81.20 Course
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Oh, I can see we made sk163461 public. Not long time ago, it was internal only 🙂 Cool


Really this one 

They're really good solutions all of them.

Currently the version 77.30 TE Appliance, I see that this is the option of an emergency disk.. but right now it's not very favorable in this case.

I like the option to do it from the Gaia of the smartConsole.. as I read with the On Multi-Domain Security Management Server option.

Show/Hide instructions for Security Gateway running on SecurePlatform OS (Gateway mode only) - R70 and above

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