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error "Boot failure : No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" using isomorphic

Hi All,

I been trying to do clean install smart1 5050 with isomorphic USB.
But it is giving this error "Boot failure : No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" 
The USB is format into NTFS automatically using latest isomorphic tools , I think it is the R80.30 iso file is larger than FAT32  limitation.

I yet to try method of rename those isolinux to syslinux.
Any other recommendation?


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Make sure you are using the latest isomorphic image and packaging tool, and also a supported USB

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Do a format with rufus and then again use isomorphic. In the past few months I observed few strange situation where a properly made bootable drive can't be used. Maybe some partitions on the flash are not properly deleted when using isomorphic.

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