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Harmony Endpoint Packing a Punch: Video, Slides and Q&A

Slides are below the Q&A, which is below the video of the session.

What is a Supernode?

Super node enable you to deploy and update Endpoint clients more easily, where others client are getting updated from other "super node client", rather than the management portal. This saves bandwidth as clients can update from a local supernode instead of the management portal.

How much disk space does the New Super Node require?

We are still collecting data as the feature is in EA phase. However, we are seeing it is similar to a regular (non supernode) client with a small increase (maybe 5%) additional usage of RAM.

Is there planned support for a Linux based super node?

Later this year.

Are supernodes licensed separately or are free of charge?

Free of charge of course.

When do you hope to release the pooled license feature for MSSPs?

By the end of Q2 🙂 Very soon

This new licensing mixed has been released now? Do we need a special release?

No need for special release, the new mixed licenses mode is available for all.

What if the file that I am downloading is a macro and that needs a strong emulation, how is it done?

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