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dhcp reply drop after upgraded to r80.10

Hello Guys 

we upgraded open server from 77.30 to r80.10. after this upgrade, clients and phones not get ip address from dhcp server.

zdebug result:

"dropped by fw_conn_post_inspect Reason: Handler 'dhcp_reply_code' drop"


i applied these sk:  sk102497, sk117600. but not resolved

Do you have any idea about that?


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did you check your DHCP relay config on the new machine?

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Although we upgraded from r77.30  straight to r80.20, I understand that same requirements may apply for DHCP and DHCP relay where new rules need to be put in place with the r80 new service definitions.

Please can you review sk98839 and sk104114 and see if these apply to your situation.

We created new rules and disabled the old rules (allowing quick role back if required).




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