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details on upcoming SPLUNK logging agent

Hello -- does anyone have details on the soon-to-be-released SPLUNK logging agent?

I understand the "agent' is the results of Check Point working directly with SPLUNK to insure proper digestion of logs.

I would assume this release will be a special version of Log Exporter (the replacement for OPSEC LEA) to be used for 3rd party logging integration for R80.10 and beyond.

any release information and caveats would be greatly appreciated.  

Also, will a similar vendor relationship be explored with other SIEM vendor(s) -- eg.  Log Rhythm?

thanks -GA

PS -- this type of vendor integration effort is a welcome development (no pun) for Check Point.   I hope this is beginning of many 3rd party integration efforts -- Identity, Authentication, Logging, Cooperative Enforcement, Leveraging mgmt Rest API for various 3rd party integrations.

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Thanks.   funny timing!!

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